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I looked at Mark and turned to her and said sure but we would have to get dressed first, she laughed and said don't bother and then stepped out from behind the hedge, she was naked and looked amazing, we both got out the pool and I saw Mark was getting hard but we both thought the same thing, what the hell, and went next door.

I trusted her so I proceeded in her raw...about 15min later I looked down at my dick and it was becoming brown..first I wanted to stop because I started to smell the odor but then I found myself not able to control myself... He said he was totally cool with it so long as he "didn't have to do any gay shit." So we ended up trying something with his friend and he literally broke up with me later that night.

So anyway I'm going to a big party next week and I want to do something really slutty there.

I have no idea if they saw us that night but the feeling that they could made me as horny as a teenager.

The next day we woke quite late and I had a look next door, both the men were at the pool and again both were nude, I stayed and had a good look both were soft but even soft their cocks looked nice and big, I felt myself getting wet again and started to finger as I looked, Mark came through saw what I was doing and his cock took over from my fingers, he lasted a little longer this time and it was only when we finished I saw one of the men had seen us, he was on a chair wearing sunglasses but the smile on his face told me he had seen.

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